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longspan shelving with MDF board


bulk rack MDF board

Wide span shelving is designed for storage areas in which goods are handled manually. Wide Span Shelving offers quick assembly. Long span shelving assembles and re-configures quickly for fast, flexible storage of odd-sized, hand-loaded items.

Wide Span Rack is strong and easy to assemble. It provides years of dependable, economic hand storage even if your requirements change frequently. Widespan shelving allows you to easily organize boxes, parts and other small products for quick access.

With MDF board or partical board is economical and strong.

Finish: powder coating, color green, blue, white, yellow and silver-black hammer.

Ship from Ningbo, China by sea. No business is too small. Call us today!

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Size in stock as following. Custom size available. Custom load capacity also available.

Model# Dimensions
W x D x H
No. of levels Shelf Capacity
BR-4-721872 72''x18''x72'' 4 3800
BR-4-722472 72''x24''x72'' 4 3800
BR-4-722496 72''x24''x96'' 5 4750
BR-5-842496 84''x24''x96'' 5 4750
BR-6-7224120 72''x24''x120'' 6 5700
BR-6-9624120 96''x36''x120'' 6 5700
BR-4-782478 78''x24''x78'' 4 3200




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