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Steel pallet

A steel pallet is an open shipping container used to store and transport materials. Manufacturers stack supplies and materials onto these pallets, then wrap or cover them before shipping the pallet to stores throughout the world. These metal pallets serve as an alternative to the traditional wooden or plastic pallet, and often are stronger and more durable. In some areas, a steel pallet may also be referred to locally as a steel skid.

One of the primary advantages to using steel pallets is their high level of strength and durability. Compared to wooden pallets, which are generally considered expendable, steel pallets are designed for extended reuse. They can also handle heavier loads than wood or plastic units without breaking, bending, or failing. Steel is also fire resistant and much easier to clean that wood, making it the pallet of choice for clean-room applications.

We are supplying these pallets to one of the Coca Cola company in Mombassa ,Kenya over two years and result in by this time that they have changed all thir pallets requirments from wooden to steel pallets .

We have several kinds of steel pallets and wire pallets, mainly supply to local market and American market. Steel pallet with baked spray paint is strong and retively low cost while wire pallet with a smooth, shiny electro-galvanized finish is light duty, long durable and low cost.

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