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Pallet rack

Pallet Rack is the primary storage component of many warehouses. A well designed storage system is dynamic and reduces the overall cost of material handling product within your organization. Ultimately, your solution should increase storage density without compromising selectivity or efficiency.

Because of its versatility and range of customizations available, our solutions are well suited to a variety of storage environments, ranging from small facilities to multi-levelled warehouses. Whether you require a simple pallet racking application or a sophisticated system, we will provide a high quality, secure and cost efficient solution for you.

Xianfu Metal is a professional heavy duty pallet rack manufacturer, based in Ningbo, China, with over 12 years experience. We provide not only good quality products but also a whole solution for your warehouse besides designing, maximizing your budget, shipment and beyond.

We provide teardrop and dexion style pallet rack for your choice.

Our pallet racks are widely exporting to US, Australia & Africa. Call us today to have a free design of your warehouse!

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