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longspan shelving metal deck


bulk rack with metal board

Bulk rackis a durable, boltless rack system that allows maximum storage strength with quick and easy assembly. Basically, it is a smaller version of our Selective Pallet Rack, but yet easier to handle and is ideal for hand stacking. Shelves are adjustable on 1.5’’ centers and can accommodate a particle board shelf or wire decking. Starter units can be used individually or combined with add-on units to complete a row of racks. Static loading only. Not to be used with forklift.

Bulk rack(longspan rack) with metal deck is high grade, clean and with heavy duty capacity. The steel deck penal is normally consist of 0.6mm thickness of steel material with 4 - 5 support channels underneath. Finish treatment can be baked spray paint, powder coating. Color choice.

bulk rack with metal deck  longspan metal board  bulk rack upright packing


Model# Dimensions
W x D x H
No. of levels Shelf Capacity
BR-4-721872 72''x18''x72'' 4 3800
BR-4-722472 72''x24''x72'' 4 3800
BR-4-722496 72''x24''x96'' 5 4750
BR-5-842496 84''x24''x96'' 5 4750
BR-6-7224120 72''x24''x120'' 6 5700
BR-6-9624120 96''x36''x120'' 6 5700
BR-4-782478 78''x24''x78'' 4 3200



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