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teardrop pallet rack

Teardrop pallet rack efficiently organizes your storage space, helping to control your inventory. Made of the highest quality 14 gauge steel, these rugged components can be used for forklifts or other powered lifts and can be used for hand stacking. Our easy-to-assemble Tear Drop system has an automatic safety lock on eack load beam, securing the beam to the upright.

1. Material: Steel Q235B.
2. Size: L(1000~3000mm)*W(600~1500mm)*H(1500~8000mm), with 2~6 levels.
3. Description: Rack can be dismantled and assembled freely, the height of beams can be adjusted.
4. Surface treatment: Remove rust, phosphorization, static powder coating or baked spray paint, various color for choice.
5. Loading capacity: 1000~5000kg / level.

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