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stack tire rack

Protect your tires during handling, stacking and shipping with portable stack tire racks. Portable racks can be a better material handling solution than standard pallet racking. Portable stack racks act as their own pallet, eliminating the need and cost of wooden pallets. The vertical posts allow racks to be stacked several units high, without load-on-load contact – eliminating product crushing damage.
Save room by pushing your seasonal and slow moving items tight together, without aisles in portable racks. Portable racks are effectively steel pallets with steel posts that stack on top of each other, so you can push them together, end-to-end, saving up to 60% of your storage space.




Model # Size(LxDxH) Description Net weight
TSR-D-L 60''x60''x60'' Load 2525lbs / 1147kgs
 Max stacked(open) 4
 Max stacked(close) 20
 Color choices
115 lbs
TSR-E-L 72''x72''x72'' 139 lbs
TSR-A 48''x48''x48'' Load 3500lbs / 1585kgs
 Max stacked(open) 4
 Max stacked(close) 20
 Color choices
120 lbs
TSR-B 48''x48''x60'' 125 lbs
TSR-C 60''x60''x48'' 140 lbs
TSR-D 60''x60''x60'' 146 lbs
TSR-E 72''x72''x72'' 171 lbs



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