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Boltless shelving
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Pallet rack
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XIANFU Metal We established in 2000, is one of leading manufacturers and exporters specialized in various kinds of material handling equipments in Ningbo, China. We have set up a perfect system of design, manufacturing, technical monitoring, sales, installation and after-sale service. Our products line include Boltless rivet shelving, Bulk rack, Pallet rack, Wire shelving, Tire rack, Wire decking, Collapsible wire basket etc, customized to your specification and product application. Mainly the products go to the oversea market Our products sell very well among our distributors in USA, UK, France, Australia, Japan and Africa. Production Capacity Our factory has totally 12'000 square meters and has more than 100 workers and staff, that allow us to export 40-50 con...

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Cell: 0086-15968090992
Collapsible wire basket
Wire decking
Chrome wire shelving
Wire grid panel
Stacking wire basket
Moving trolley
Boltless shelving        Bulk rack        Pallet rack        Tire rack        Steel pallet        Mold rack        Collapsible wire basket        Wire decking        Chrome wire shelving        Wire grid panel        Stacking wire basket        Moving trolley        Promotional bulk rack        Cantilever rack        Stack rack        Ceiling rack        bike rack       
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