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Wire grid panel

Wire grid panel is made of superior quality welded mesh, with flat even surface, firm structure, be used extensively in building, food, agriculture and so on.

Panel widths run to 1350 mm and panel lengths to 3000 mm and a range of materials are used in the manufacture of Welded mesh, made in wire diameters from 3 mm to 8 mm and production runs range from several panels only into the tens of thousands.

Finish could be glavanization, powder coating or hot dip galvanization. Color choice.



Our wire grid panel mainly ship to the US market. Custom size available, contact us now!

1200x2000 25x25x3.0
1200x2000 50x50x4.0
1200x2000 50x75x4.0
1200x2000 75x75x4.0
1200x2000 100x100x4.0
1200x2400 75x75x4.0
1200x2400 100x100x4.0

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