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powder coat wire shelving

Black powder coated wire shelving is made to the same high quality standards as our chrome wire shelving, but is substantially less expensive. The powder coated finish is rust and chip resistant offering a high lever of durability. Wire Shelving is highly attractive and functional. Wire design reduces dust build-up, allows free light and air circulation, increases sprinkler effectiveness and improves visibility. Fast and easy to assemble.

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We supply all kinds of shelving as follows:
1). Heavy duty shelving rack which is used in industry and warehouse storage.
Wire guage: 6.0*4.5*3.0mm. Post: 25.4*1.2mm.
2). Light duty shelving rack can be used in the household, hospital, display and hotel field.
Wire guage: 5.2*3.6*2.8mm. Post: 25.4*1.0mm.
3). Mini and super mini style which usually are home rack.
Wire guage is 4.5*3.0*2.5mm. Post is 19.1*1.0mm.

Regular size as following. Custom size available. 

Model# Dimensions
L x D x H
No. of levels Level Cap.
Whole Cap.
CWS-4-361872 36''x18''x72'' 4 500 2000
CWS-4-362472 36''x24''x72'' 4 500 2000
CWS-4-481872 48''x18''x72'' 4 500 2000
CWS-4-482472 48''x24''x72'' 4 500 2000
CWS-4-602472 60''x24''x72'' 4 400 1600
CWS-4-722472 72''x24''x72'' 4 400 1600

Post available: 30'', 60'', 72'', 84'



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