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chrome wire shelving

Our Chrome Wire Shelving set the standard for all-environment wire shelving units. Highly durable and corrosion resistant. Chrome Wire Shelving Units feature a high quality, open wire construction that keeps dust buildup to a minimum, promotes air circulation, increases sprinkler effectiveness and improves visibility. Chrome Wire Shelf consist of 4 posts, 4 shelves, 4 adjustable feet (eliminates unsteadiness, even on uneven floors).   

Main features:
·Suitable for retail shop, DIY store,warehouse, cool room, home, garages,kitchens etc.
·Plain wire shelf, wine shelf, wire basket are available, special designs can be customized.
·Size can be customized.
·Surface can be Chrome, Zinc galvanized, powder coat.
·Capacity range: 50-100kg/level.
·Assembles in minutes. Install shelves on the posts on 1" (25mm) increments without the need for tools or hardware.
·Adjustable leveler feet and wheel are available.

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Length 30"  36"  42"  48"  60"  72"
Depth 12"  14"  18"  21"  24"  36"
Height 18"  24"  36"  60"  72"  84"
Load capacity 50 - 100 kgs / level

Model# Dimensions
L x D x H
No. of shelf Shelf Cap.
Whole Cap.
CWS-4-361860 36''x18''x60'' 4 50 200
CWS-4-481860 48''x18''x60'' 4 50 200
CWS-4-361460 36''x14''x60'' 4 50 200
CWS-4-242460 24''x24''x60'' 4 50 200
CWS-4-482472 48''x24''x72'' 5 50 250
CWS-4-602472 60''x24''x72'' 5 50 250
CWS-4-722472 72''x24''x72'' 5 50 250

Custom size available



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